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2012.09.21 09:50:40

Olympic legacy survey to boost business

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and Navigate Design have joined forces to discover how businesses can embrace positively the legacy of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The concept for the survey was proposed by Tracey Richardson, director of Ampersand UK Ltd who was inspired after volunteering as a Games Maker in the Media and PR Team at both the Olympic and Paralympic Games. An expert in charity/corporate partnerships, she says: “Having witnessed the power of the Games first hand I’m convinced businesses of all sizes in any sector can take up the baton. We want to make the legacy come alive for the benefit of business growth.”

A key aspect of the London bid for the 2012 Olympics was: “To provide a lasting legacy of sporting, social and economic change. The Games will leave lasting benefits in culture, sport, volunteering business and tourism.”

Take the survey at

Maureen Frost, Deputy Chief Executive of Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, adds:  “We want to bring businesses together to generate a good commercial outcome so that they can benefit from the post-Games feelgood factor. This must be possible and only needs people to join forces to build better business out of the Games.

“The aim is to capture the business response to legacy while the Olympics and Paralympics are still high on the agenda. We would greatly appreciate the input of businesses in this special online survey.”

The survey contains six simple questions and runs online on the Hampshire Chamber and the Navigate websites. It finishes on 5 October, the results will be published and circulated to participants on 12 October.

”We were all thrilled at the huge sense of community and positivity generated at the London Olympics and the Paralympics,” adds joint organizer Gareth Gammon, Managing Director of Navigate, a full service marketing communications agency. “We want to know what business requires as a legacy.”



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2012.09.17 14:57:25

THE NATIONAL healthcare charity for Deaf* people has this month (September, 2012) announced it will be working in partnership with Digital Giving Ltd to develop its annual fundraising event sign2sing.

SignHealth and Digital Giving Ltd will create digital resources to make it easier for schools to get involved in the sign2sing Guinness World RecordTM breaking attempt taking place next February (2013).

To learn more visit

and encourage children you know to become record breakers too by registering their school

Steve Powell, Chief Executive at SignHealth, said: “Sign2sing is a world record breaking attempt for the most people signing and singing at the same time. We believe the move to go digital will make event participation even more accessible.The digital resource pack will be available to all schools that register and will include a free whiteboard app.

We are hoping to increase Deaf awareness by introducing some basic sign language among a younger generation and believe Digital Giving Ltd has the skills and creativity to help us get the message across to more schools and pupils in a fun and entertaining way.”

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2012.09.04 09:28:14

“Awesome” in the words of one 14 year old; “Cool” said another. Not something you hear every day in the world of health and safety, but a free new app and online game from the British Safety Council’s Speak Up, Stay Safe campaign has found favour with 20 Warriner School pupils

Importantly they also learnt about dangers – all of them were able to identify many new work-related risks as a result of playing the game.

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2012.08.20 16:06:04

Tracey Richardson, founder of Ampersand UK Ltd, has just completed her Olympics Games Maker duties and is looking forward to her return for the Paralympics from 29th August - 9th September.

Based at the Main Press Centre on the Olympic Park as part of the Media and PR Team, Tracey was on hand to provide support and information to some 6,000 journalists representing the countries taking part.

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2012.07.02 18:49:34

Working with charity clients to develop and implement Cause-Related Entertainment initiatives helping them exploit the mobile/digital world for education, fundraising and awareness campaigns.
Examples include for Mencap for The British Safety Council and in progress projects for and

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